Blackberry/Lavender Jam Wedding Favors

May 30, 2018

Remember all of those dozens of jars we used for our mini pie jars for Lukas and Casey's wedding? Well, a year later we dug them out, washed them up, and used them for wedding favors at Ashley and Richard's wedding!

First we picked lots and lots and lots of blackberries, which was just time consuming but wasn't difficult because they are more than plentiful in the summertime in Southwest Washington State!

We wanted to add a twist to our blackberry jam, so we found a recipe calling for a just a hint of lavender; which was perfect for our plum/ivory/silver wedding colors.  See the recipe we used here.  (Be sure to use food-grade dried lavender for the jam!)

Ten days before the wedding, we collected several pounds of blackberries, and refrigerated them until jam making day.

We got together a week before the wedding with the bride-to-be, Ashley, her mother-in-law-to-be, some of the sister bridesmaids, and the Mother of the bride (me!), and the maid of honor (Emily).  We made jam all day long, and had so much fun hanging out together and making last minute preparations for the big day!

Later at home I made up the tags for the jars, covered them in some cute little paper doilies, and tied on some ribbon bows.  Back into the boxes the jars went for easy transport, and we were good to go!

Our blackberry/lavender jam wedding favors were a hit, made inexpensive but thoughtful wedding favors, and we found a great way to use up all of the jars we'd bought the year before for our mini pie jars.  

It's almost blackberry season again, and we can't wait to stock our pantry with some more of this tasty treat!

~Laurie & Emily

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