Wedding Anniversary

March 07, 2019

Hello there!

Our Etsy shop, this blog, and all of our social media sites have a whole new look for spring!  What do you think?!

It is acting anything but spring here in the Pacific Northwest! It snowed all day, with sub-freezing temperatures, and we have several inches of snow on the ground.  A far cry from this day four years ago, when Emily and Jacob were married!  It was a beautiful spring day, that was near 70 degrees!

Emily and Jacob had been a pair since 8th grade, and were married on March 7, 2015; exactly 10 years to the day of becoming boyfriend/girlfriend in 8th grade!  We had so much fun working together on their wedding preparations, that we started up Lottie Elizabeth just a couple of months later!

Here are some of my favorite photos from their wedding day! Theirs was a very sweet and heartfelt wedding, just like their marriage has been.  So lucky to have this wonderful couple as part of our family! Happy 4th anniversary, J&E!

Happy (hopefully soon!) spring!


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