Baby Shower!

November 06, 2018

In late August we hosted a fun baby shower for our daughter/sister! This was the first baby to be born into our family for 23 years, so we were super excited! Ashley is a teacher, so we went with a book-themed baby shower. She received a whole-library full of books for her little-one-to-be!

We had so much fun planning this shower, and making all the decorations, invitations, treats, and favors!

These cute little cake pops were a bear to make, so there were only a few of them, but they turned out so cute!

We found the cookie cutter for our elephant cookies here.

We designed cute little stickers and put them on boxes containing cinnamon buns as favors for the guests!

These corsages were easy to make with a little scrap of light blue fabric and some ribbon from the Dollar Tree!

We bought these cute napkins here.

The centerpieces were hydrangeas from my garden, and the doilies were hand-dyed using craft paint and Dollar Tree doilies!

We played several games at the baby shower, but everyone's favorite was "Make a Baby!"  We got containers of white Play-Doh and one container of pink.  These were mixed together to make a flesh-toned ball of Play-Doh.  A little was put into small containers (also Dollar Tree), along with a small safety pin, a small scrap of white flannel, and a toothpick.  Each guest had 9 minutes (vs. 9 months!) to "make a baby"!  Our Mama-to-be got to be the judge and pick her favorite for the win!

Baby Name Game is another game we played. I wish I would have saved them to see if anyone guessed the baby's name correctly.  Mama and Daddy-to-be didn't reveal the name until after baby was born!

 (sample pages)

(book cover)

Another fun activity for the guests while they visited and watched a couple hours of present opening, was coloring pages for Baby's First ABC & 123 book.  I found the cutest coloring pages here. I printed the entire alphabet, as well as these counting pages here.  After the baby shower, I scanned all of the colored pages and uploaded them into a Shutterfly 8 x 8" book.  What a great memory for the mama-to-be, and a fun first book for Baby!

We had such a fun day!

Baby arrived two weeks after the shower, and 3 weeks early.  He and Mama are doing well! So excited to be a Grandma! 


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